Work Packages

The consortium was built with partners which are close in terms of location
(all based in the Iberian Peninsula, with 2 in Portugal and in Spain) and in the
experience in Innovation projects in the energy and AI area.


Work Package Overview

Design of a global
architecture & requirements identification

The objective of WP1 is to develop the global requirements, functional specifications and design recommendations to the architecture and its different modules, with the aim of increasing reliability and performance at PV plant level. To achieve these goals, several use-cases will be defined to provide a general overview of the tools, its high-level requirements, its boundaries and information flows between different modules As result of this WP1 there will be a definition of the global system, its use cases, as well as the interfaces between the different modules. electronic inverters.


Work Package Overview

Descriptive analysis of PV
power plant components and operation

In this WP it will be defined and implemented a set of tools for modelling most critical elements at a PV plant that can affect its stability and performance. These models will be fitted with machine learning and optimization algorithms to get the best fit to suspected problems, feeding them with real data and this way obtaining the accurate characterization of the problem or set of combined problems.


Work Package Overview

Prescriptive analytics for

This WP will develop and validate (using historical data) AI-based methodologies that exploit the modelling work conducted in WP2, and historical data available in each PV power plant, to deliver advices to plant operators about actions prioritization and preventive maintenance. The following specific goals will be attained: • Explore unsupervised learning and causal discovery methods for root-cause analysis, i.e. fault detection and diagnosis • Automatic identification of relevant factors and variables for the faults and improvement of the predictive performance and interpretability of the AI methods • Develop O&M frameworks that learn from past experiences and from data generated at the PV portfolio level


Work Package Overview

Descriptive analysis of PV
power plant components and operation

The objective of this work package is to integrate, test and validate the descriptive and prescriptive methods developed in WP2 and WP3 using at least two different demonstration sites located in different countries across Europe, United States and Morocco (Green Energy Park). Each demonstration site has different characteristics to prove the methods are applicable with multiple setups and different PV technologies


Work Package Overview

Project Management

The aim of the Project Management work package is to manage the coordination of effort among the partners, to ensure effective operation of the project, timely delivery of the results within the budget while guarantying high quality standards. The identification and exploitation of synergies between the work packages is ensured by performing technical and administrative management continuously throughout the project. Moreover, this work package manages identified risks at all level of the project by assuring all mitigation actions are executed. This WP will disseminate and communicate activities and outcomes of the AI4PV project. Finally, the WP develops guidelines regarding further exploitation of the results of the project.

This website has been developed with the support of the ERDF - European Regional Development Fund - through the Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalisation COMPETE 2020 under the Portugal 2020 Partnership Agreement within project AI4PV, with reference POCI-01-0247-FEDER-111936.

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