The consortium was built with partners which are close in terms of location
(all based in the Iberian Peninsula, with 2 in Portugal and in Spain) and in the
experience in Innovation projects in the energy and AI area.


EDP Centre for New
Energy Technologies (EDP CNET)

EDP CNET is a subsidiary of the EDP Group with the mission to create value through collaborative R&D in the energy sector. EDP CNET is entirely committed to research and development with a strong focus in technology demonstration projects. EDP CNET will be the coordinator of the project, being the end user of the developed solutions and owner and operator of several PV farms in Europe and in the United States. EDP CNET will have a strong focus on the overall project management, but also on the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities. EDP will also lead the validation activities, providing both test sites and datasets from existing PV farms for the validation of the AI4PV solutions.



INESC TEC is an Associate Laboratory with 35 years of experience in R&D and technology transfer, having as associates the University of Porto, INESC, the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, University of Minho and University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro. It is a private non-profit research institution, dedicated to scientific research and technological development, technology transfer, advanced consulting and training, and pre-incubation of new technology-based companies. As an institution operating at the interface of the academic and business worlds, bringing closer together academia, companies, public administration, and society, INESC TEC typically applies the knowledge and results generated as part of its research in technology transfer projects, seeking value creation and immediate social relevance. Present in six sites in the cities of Porto, Braga and Vila Real, INESC TEC incorporates 13 R&D Centers, structured in four thematic domains - Computer Science, Industry and Innovation, Networked Intelligent Systems, and Power and Energy. INESC TEC hosts over 750 integrated researchers (about 350 PhDs), including staff researchers, researchers from Higher Education Institutions, grant holders and affiliated researchers. INESC TEC’s team also includes trainees, and technical and administrative support staff. In AI4PV, it contributes with the development of root-cause analysis and intelligent maintenance strategies for photovoltaic power plants. Participation in the modelling of power electronic inverters.



Isotrol is an ICT company specialized on services and solutions for utility-scale renewable energy generation, with over 37 years’ experience. With headquarters in Seville (Spain). Isotrol provides products and services for monitoring and control, deployment and integration in renewable energy facilities for Wind, Photovoltaic, storage, hydro and biomass. Our solution, Bluence, manages more than 56GW of renewable generation at 1,800 plants in 40 countries. Isotrol will lead the conc eptual definition of the project as well as the design, implementation and validation of the Digital Twin of photovoltaic plants, making the comparison with the real data measured i n the plant and developing algorithms that allow determining the root cause of the plant's problems.

This website has been developed with the support of the ERDF - European Regional Development Fund - through the Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalisation COMPETE 2020 under the Portugal 2020 Partnership Agreement within project AI4PV, with reference POCI-01-0247-FEDER-111936.

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